About The Philippines

Philippine Islands

Welcome to the Philippines, a group of over 7,107 islands situated in the area of the Pacific Sea in Southeast Asia. The Philippine Islands are found in a location understood as the "Pacific Ring of Fire", so many of the Philippine Islands are prone to quakes and hurricanes.
The Philippines has actually been blessed with an abundance of appeal covering over 186,000 square miles, and making the Philippines the 73rd biggest individual country. The Philippine Islands are organized in to 3 primary geographical locations: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, with the most modern urban area being Manila, which is found on the Island of Luzon.
Philippines Tourism:
Numerous islands around the Philippines are comprised of abundant thick jungle that is home to a large assortment of animals and featuring over a 170 unique species of birds and an abundance of ocean life featuring over 2,400 varieties of fish and as-well-as 500 various kinds of coral, WOW! Did you ever realize that the Philippines has the second biggest coral reef worldwide? Yes it does and it is called Apo Reef, and is situated in Occidental Mindoro and covering over 21 square miles of ocean floor.
Tourism is just one of the Philippines primary livelihoods, with travelers coming below from all over the globe merely to experience a few of the impressive and distinct island destinations within the Philippine Islands.

Top Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

To learn more about the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, go here to learn more, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Manila.