It's no secret that people love to eat pizza, after all there are more pizza restaurants throughout the world than any other type of restaurant. Why do people love pizza so much? Well this is a really great question. So lets take a look at some possibilities here, 1) pizza can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 2) pizza can be eaten cold, and the taste is sometimes better the day after, 3) pizza covers all food groups, breads, dairy, vegetable, sugars and fats, 4) and its triangular shape fits nicely in ones hand, making it easy to eat while sitting, walking or even driving. Maybe this is why so many individuals dream of having their very own pizza parlor or pizza take-out business. It's really because they already know of the pizza popularity, and its potential to sell to everyone.

Chef Rick St John and Chef Jose at Pizza Freaks Iligan City StoreHello, I'm Chef Rick St. John and over the years I have spoken to many individuals who told me of how they dreamed of having their own pizza restaurant, but believed that there were just to many obstacles and unknowns that just prevented them from taking such a risk. Opening your own pizza store is a risk, even though pizza is a popular dish, it's not a sure thing. Lets look at some examples, what type of pizza place do you want to have, family theme, kids theme, are you selling New York style, or Neapolitan style, or American style, will it be round, rectangular shape, square, and what sizes of pizza will you sell, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 32 or something else? Where will your pizza store be located, within the city, suburbs, inside of an existing business and to whom will you be selling? What is your demographic target? Yeah, lets not forget about your name, that will tie to your theme, and all of your social networking sites like facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and so many more.

Now, with everything I just listed, we have not even gotten to menu creation, food testing, food tasting, quality control of product, how many items on the menu, what flavors of pizza, what other products will you be selling, pastas, sandwiches, or anything else? Then there is the plate costing for each product you are selling, everything on the menu has to be weighed out, costed, marked up accordingly, then placed on the menu. Now, there is also the issue of food photography, you will need or should have nice pictures to place onto your menu, as nice images can increase sales of those items by up-to 70 percent. There are a great many things to take into account when thinking about opening your own pizza restaurant, it looks simple from the outside, but that just is not the case. There is so much more that I have not touched on here, but frankly there is just not enough time in this blog to cover everything, we will just wait for the book to come out. Now, one last thing, your location, last here, but not least by a long shot. Your location is critical to your restaurants success, from a few different angels. First, is you location easy to get to? What about easy access to parking? Do you have good visibility from the street? Is this a high traffic area? Is the traffic from commuters, or people who live in that area? Yes, this makes a big difference. Not all traffic converts to sales. These are just a few things to think about before opening your own pizza restaurant.

Why Purchase A Pizza Freaks Franchise Store?

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store Iligan City, Robinsons Place Mall, When you purchase a Pizza Freaks franchise, you are getting a turn-key operation, that has a proven track record of success. This is the main reason people choose franchising as opposed to opening their own store. With a Pizza Freaks franchise you are getting the following, all included with your purchase.

1. Location & Demographic Research – We have already done the research on the city of our origan, and if you are hoping to place a Pizza Freaks franchise outside our area, no problem, we will do the research and assist you in finding the best location, that offers traffic that brings in sales.

2. Equipment Purchase & Setup – We have already researched and have found the best equipment for the store. This is equipment that we already use, so we know it's reliability. This is very important, the last thing you want to do is open your store, and then in a few weeks, you are having equipment problems. We outfit each franchise store with the best quality equipment, for cost and reliability. 

3. Store Layout & 3D Drawings – As a Pizza Freaks franchise you will be getting a store that is professionally setup, we start with the floor plan, then do a 3D drawing, and layout the store just as it will look once operational. Your franchise store will have the correct space for dining and for kitchen personnel, as-well-as utility areas if needed.

4. Food Costing & Plate Costing – As a franchisee you will quickly see the benefits of this, each item on the menu is already costed out, based on our bulk purchasing power, this means lower cost to you and to your customers. We will teach you how to manage food cost, quality control of product and manage the product inventory.

5. Menu Creation – As a franchisee you do not have to worry about creating a menu, it's all been done for you. In fact, if you are from a specific area, and the menu needs to be tweaked to fit that area, we will do that for you. 

6. Food and Product Photography – All done for you. All items that we sell in our stores have all been professionally photographed, and are already on the printed menus, as-well-as the electronic menu boards above the counters.

7. Management Training – You will also receive from Pizza Freaks management, a set of books on management for the store, and our personal training of each employee, and for yourself. This training is ongoing, as once a month we will visit your store and offer any help or assistance needed. 

8. Dining Room Setup & Wall Art – We supply all of the dining room chairs, tables, plates, as-well-as table accessories. All wall art images we supply, with the best quality images that are theme related to Pizza Freaks.

Contact Chef Rick St. John today and find out why opening a Pizza Freaks franchise is right for you.


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