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If you own a restaurant, then you know the importance of having nice images of your food, that encourage customers to order. There have been studies that state that images account for 70 percent off menu sales. This is why so many large fast food restaurant chains now use electronic menu boards, as the vivid food colors really have a positive impact on sales. If you are a local restaurant located here in Manila Philippines, then take the time to contact Chef Rick St. John and freelance photographer for food and other products. When it comes to food, Chef Rick understands the technical aspects of photography, as-well-as how the food needs to look as a picture, to capture your guest appetite. 

Chef Rick has over 15 years of experience working in some of the finest hotel restaurants in the United States of America, including The Marriott Hotel, The Radisson Hotel, The Holiday Inn Central and The Capital City Club, as-well-as a manager for Wendys and Little Caesars Pizza. With this vast experience Chef Rick understands how the food needs to look, and how it needs to be presented to the customer. Remember, an images is only as good as the sales it delivers. If your pictures are not selling your restaurant food products, then you need a different food photographer.

Food Photographer Chef Rick St. John Manila Philippines

Food Photographer Manila Philippines

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