Now lets not kid ourselves here, just about everyone loves a really great tasting burger. A burger created with the right type of beef, can be an awesome meal in and of itself. However, not every burger joint out there makes burgers with 100 percent Black Angus beef. Some burger places buy their premade burgers from meat wholesalers, and the problem here is that the beef in many cases in not fresh, and in 99 percent of the cases the beef in a single burger, may not even be from the same steer. That's correct, you read if correctly the firs time. Large beef processing plants, grind beef from multiple cows, and not steers, turning the beef in to ground beef for burgers. This beef is then processed and made into beef patties, so the burger meat you may be eating, may be from cows, not steers, and it's most likely not from the same cow, but multiple cows. Why is this so important to note? Well first off when you visit a burger joint, and you make your payment of between 3 and 5 dollars, and possibly more, don't you think you are entitled to the truth? Good quality beef comes with a price, and the price you pay, it's for not only the quality of beef, but also for the hard work, long hours and dedication that took to raise that steer. Why should burger places be able to charge you the same amount of money for lesser quality beef, it's not right, and someone needs to speak up about this.

Hi, I'm Chef Rick St. John founder of Castle Rock Burgers and I can attest to everything that I have written above, about good quality and poor quality beef. You see, as a youngster I grew up on a farm in the Midwest, and my family raised Black Angus beef cattle, grass fed and corn finished. In fact the cattle ranch is still in the family, and we still raise high quality class A Black Angus beef. These beef cattle are born and raised on green grass pastures, throughout their life span they will be rotated onto alfalfa, oats and corn fields until they are sent to market. Even the ground corn fed to our cattle comes from our own fields, so there are no steroids or any type of growth hormones used in producing our Black Angus beef cattle. 

Quality Beef Patty Guidelines

Castle Rock Burgers Beef PattyHere at Castle Rock Burgers we buy our own meat from quality farms known for raising high quality beef. We buy our Angus beef in bulk, then we grind the beef ourselves in the store. This allows us to keep a high quality of product, that we serve to our valued customers. This one step, enables Castle Rock Burgers to produce a higher quality of burger, that we believe far surpasses our competition.

However, we even go a step further, we include three different cuts of beef, ground, mixed and made into patties. For Castle Rock Burgers it's these three special blend percentages of beef that we believe give our burgers a superior taste, over any other burger on the market. Yes, our signature burgers cost slightly more, but if you are a beef lover, and you want the best quality of beef in your burger, then it comes with a cost. That's why here at Castle Rock Burgers we believe in telling our customers exactly how we create that awesome beefy flavor.

Cast Iron Skillet Grilling & Health Benefits

Cast Iron Skillet Grilled BurgersNow, we are not done yet, each burger cooked at Castle Rock Burgers is grilled in a cast iron skillet. How important is this final step? It's very important and here are three health reasons why, 1) Very little oil is needed, because the cast iron is naturally non-stick, 2) Cast iron is chemical-free, and the best alternative to non-stick pans, 3) Cooking your food in a cast iron skillet actually fortifies your food with natural iron. Cast iron dose not leach out chemicals, but it does leach out iron into your food, and this is a healthy option.

Did you know that as of 2016, 10 percent of American women and over 42 percent of Filipino women suffer from iron deficiency? Yes, and this iron deficiency effects the brains of new born babies, and negatively effects cognitive functions.

Most restaurants use stainless steel cook-tops, or even aluminum pans for cooking, which at high temperatures give off some very harmful toxins.

Why Choose A Castle Rock Burgers Franchise Store

Castle Rock Burgers Restaurant Franchise 3D Store LayoutWell, I have already given you several good reasons above, however we do have a few other reasons that we believe are good reasons to purchase a Castle Rock Burgers Franchise. 

  1. Location Assistance – We will assist you in finding the best location for your new burger restaurant. Our marketing team will go over the demographic information with you, and discuss with you the best areas, that offer the best return on your investment. 
  2. Store Layout & 2D, 3D Drawings – We will provide you with the 2D layout drawing for your store, along with a professional 3D drawing to give you a very good idea as to what your store will look like once complete.
  3. Store Build-out Plans – We will work with your architect and provide them our store-build-out specs, allowing them to create the interior layout, including the flooring, wall colors, ceiling, lighting, wall textures, countertops, and shelving. 
  4. Equipment – We will provide you with all of the equipment needed for your Castle Rock Burgers restaurant franchise, this includes but may not be limited to, tables, chairs, wall art, electronic menu boards, refrigerators, freezers, stainless steel tables & sinks, grills, skillets, deep fryer, bun toaster, food trays, pots, pans, utensils, exhaust hood, storage racks and more.
  5. Training – Chef Rick St. John and his team will provide all training to all employees and management personnel, for as long as you are a franchisee of Castle Rock Burgers.

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