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Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board
East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1100 Philippines

Telephone Number : 
Office of the Chairman : 426-2519 / 426-2505 
Admin Division : 426-2501 
Public Assistance : 426-2515


On March 10, 2017 at approximately 11:45am I Rick Saint John, my wife Jane Bangga and our 6 year old son River Saint John got into this taxi at the Manila International Airport, seen pictured above. We asked the taxi driver to take us to Renaissance Center Venues, in Ortigas Center, our home.

The taxi driver of RYO AKI TAXI SERVICE just laughed and said, oh, very far mam. My wife Jane then asked him to, “please use the meter”. The taxi driver refused, stating that is was very far and more money would be needed. My wife Jane asked the taxi driver again, kuya, please turn on the meter. The taxi driver then stopped the car on a dark street, not far from the airport loading area, and told my wife, 6 year old son and myself to get out.

If I told you that I was angry about the way my family and I were treated, that would be and understatement. The fact that this man, a human being, could dump a family onto the street at this hour, alone, in the rain, my wife sick, shows this person has NO HUMANITY, they are consumed by the peso, they are only about the money.

After we got out of the taxi, my wife, very sick with the flu, my 6 year old son and myself had to walk several blocks back the airport, where we reported the incident. We were taken by the police to the local station, where we did file a police report. It is the wish for myself and my wife that this taxi driver be prosecuted and sent to jail.

I have to express my true feelings here, it is my absolute wish that ALL TAXIS be barred from doing business at the airport, with the exception of the Yellow taxi service. It is one thing to refuse service, it is a whole other thing to dump a family out of your taxi, onto a dark street and they be forced to walk back to a safe place. My wife and I are angry, outraged and deeply hurt that our 6 year old child had to experience this. To make matters worse, we were headed home to be with our disabled child, who suffers from non-verbal autism and epilepsy. After having to walk back to the airport, then go to the police station, we did not get home until 2:30am.

We are requesting that severe action against the driver and the company be leveled. I had tried to call the taxi company several times, but cannot reach anyone with authority, always no manager on duty.

Please tell me what steps I and my wife need to take to see that this taxi driver is fired, and that his drivers license is revoked permanently.

I Rick Saint John then pictured the taxi driver, his Tag Plate, and his Taxi Franchise Number. This taxi driver needs to have his drivers license permanently revoked.




Rick and Mary Jane Saint John

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