Classic Chili Con Carne by Pizza Freaks

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Rick St. John here today from Pizza Freaks, and we have a really superb dish for you, our classic chili, which is served in our restaurant and enjoyed by all. If you are a chili enthusiast, then you will truly appreciate this terrific recipe, so we hope you enjoy.

So to start off with we will certainly dice up 2 big white onions, we wish to have a medium dice, to ensure that the red onion is not to little or 2 big, with a tool dice we will certainly obtain a nice also saute' in the beginning.

Next we will certainly cut up 2 big bell peppers, environment-friendly, red or yellow, it is your option right here. Make sure to eliminate the seeds from the bell peppers, as the seeds are bitter, and will not provide a very pleasurable preference. First Julian the bell pepper, then cut straight into tool sized pieces so that they will also prepare evenly throughout the saute' process.

Ok, next we will dice up 3 big jalapeno peppers, this will certainly provide the chili just a little kick spice smart, yet not to considerably, even my children ages 11 and 4 years old love to eat this chili. No with the jalapeno peppers, we intend to dice these quite tiny, to ensure that when you are eating the chili you do not start one huge item of pepper.

Ok, now we will include all our seasonings to one recipe, this makes things less complicated when you go to blend it with the chili. Actually prior to making your chili, make certain you have all of your active ingredients, this is very important. So mix all your spices together, however not the minced garlic, we will be including that to the meat.

Now in a medium size stainless-steel bowl we will certainly include our meat, one pound of ground sirloin 80 percent lean, and afterwards we will additionally include one pound of pork sausage, this will offer our chili an extremely delicious as well as durable flavor.

Now we are visiting include our minced garlic, three tablespoons, and mix it will into the meat, as the meat browns gradually the garlic will certainly fuse with the meat, developing a great flavor.

Ok, since we have our veggies and also meat all set, releases in advance and also include our vegetables to our pot, first we will include some olive oil, I consistently make use of olive oil in my cooking. So add the vegetables, see to it your heat gets on LOW, you do not want to shed your vegetables.

As soon as the red onions and also peppers start to melt, lets go in advance and add our seasoning mix, then slowly mix that about, againe make certain you are preparing on low heat, so not to shed the mixture, this will certainly mess up the chili. Currently by including our spices mix to the melting vegetables we are integrating the flavors with each other, producing a terrific flavor.

Now when we have our paste combination, allows include our meat, as well as begin browning that, now the wonderful mixture of vegetables and also flavorings are fusing with the sluggish cooking meat, this will create a wonderful flavor, simply keep your heat reduced as well as maintain mixing.

Now when the meat has completed browning, after that we will add our diced tomatoes, make sure to place the could down inside the pot to ensure that there is no dash, you do not wish to start a melt. Ok, since you have actually included your diced tomatoes, go on and mix them up so that we can add our kidney beans.

Ok, before you add your kidney beans make sure that the juice they can be found in is completely washed from the bean, and drained, you are now all set to include your kidney beans to your combination.

Ok, lets go ahead as well as mix this up really well, after that let it prepare for a couple of minutes, after that we will include our 6 cups of water.

Now once you have added the water, your chili is basically completed, currently you will certainly wish to let it sit and prepare on low heat for 1 to 2 hours, depending upon just how thick you like your chili.


1-lb of Pork Sausage
1-lb of Ground Sirloin
2-Large White Onions
2-Large Green or Red Bell Peppers
3-Large Jalapeno Peppers – Remove the seeds if you do not want your chili to be to hot.
3-Tablespoons of Minced Garlic
4-Tablespoons of Chili Powder
4-teaspoons of Ground Cumin
3-Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
2-Teaspoons of Oregano
3-Tablespoons of Beef Stock
102-Ounces of Diced Tomatoes
6-Cans of Kidney Beans (drained and rinsed)
4-Tablespoons of Olive Oil
1.5 Tablespoons of Kosher Salt
1.5 Tablespoons Black Pepper

Congrats and also Enjoy!!


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