Miniature Schnauzer Animal House Dog Groomers Pasig City

If you have a dog, and you are looking for a really good groomer, then consider taking your beloved pet to the "Animal House" dog groomers located here at SM Mega Mall in Pasig City, Ortigas Center in the Philippines. Ask for "Pete" he is one of the top groomers, and he really does an excellent job, in fact you can see that he has a true passion for his work, just by the way her works with your pet. I have taken my Miniature Schnauzer to other dog groomers here in Manila, and have not been very satisfied. 

Many of the dog groomers here in Manila are not properly trained, nor do they appear to have a passion for dog grooming, they seem more interested getting a paycheck. However my experience with Pete has been really fantastic, he takes good care of my Miniature Schnauzer while she is in his care, and you can sit on a bench located nearby and watch the grooming process.

Pictured here is our dog Asia, after her grooming session with Pete, and she really looks awesome. So if you have a dog, any breed, then based on my personal experience we can gladly recommend the Animal House at SM MEGA MALL next to Seattle's Best Coffee, and ask for Pete.

Address: SM Megamall, Pasig City

"Ortigas Center" Metro Manila, Philippines 
Telephone No: (632) 631-1873

All Philippines Branches:​


If you are looking for a high quality Miniature Schnauzer pup, with excellent health records and a superior blood line, then please contact Joseph Reyes below. On a personal note, I have had Miniature Schnauzer dogs for many years, and I can say without reservation, they are one of the best small dog breads. These dogs are low maintenance, sturdy, and make really awesome family pets, great with children of all ages.

Be sure to purchase from reputable and top breeders only, like Joseph Reyes, this is very important. Joseph's pups are raised in the family home, with loving people around, and kept in air-conditioned rooms, and most important, when you get you new pup from Joseph, the puppy will already be crate trained, this feature alone is the mark of an excellent breeder.

Joseph Reyes BF Paranaque 


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