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If you are like me, you know just how difficult it can be to find a really good repair shop in Manila for either your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Laptop or PC. 

Well recently my MacBook-Pro stopped working, so I took it to the Apple Service Center in Makati City, which is located at Greenbelt. After the techs took the necessary time to investigate my MacBook-Pro they determined that it was my hard-drive that was no longer functioning. The techs at Apple here in Makati then suggested I purchase a new hard-drive directly from them, to be sure I was getting genuine Apple parts, in this case a hard-drive.

Rather than just purchasing the hard-drive from the Apple store as they suggested I started to search around for a reliable and honest MacBook-Pro repair shop, and I am happy to report that I did find one, MIR Computer Networx which is located off 451 Barangka Drive corner of Boni Ave Mandaluyong City, just a 30 minute drive from Pasig City, Ortigas Center.

The MIR Computer Networx is a family owned and operated business by Roger Ortiz and his family, and I can say they are all really wonderful people, who truly care about the quality of their service, which is something hard to find here in the Philippines.

Roger, looked at my MacBook-Pro, first he tested my hard-drive in another MacBook-Pro, which is what Apple Computer should have done, but they did not, upon doing this Roger shows us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my hard-drive, and he tested my RAM, again, that is also not the issue, however Roger determines that the issue is with the logic-board. 

I can see it now, Apple Computer would most likely charge me for a hard-drive and then tell me that they now found another issue, again charging me for a second issue. By the way, a 500gig hard-drive for my MacBook-Pro only cost about PHP3,000, a savings of PHP8,000. Now comes the really good part, the hard-drive in a MacBook-Pro is made my Toshiba, LOL, yes this is correct, so your genuine apple part is really from a third party provider, which in itself is not news, but the cost difference is.

Now, I went to purchase a 2nd Macbook from MIR Computer Networx, and through a series of events Roger gave the wrong computer to my wife when she went to collect it, he gave her a MacBook-Pro. So my wife called Roger to let him know about the mistake, and here comes the best part, Roger explains that the Macbook has an issue with the power button, and did not feel comfortable with selling that one, so he replaced it with the MacBook-Pro, no extra charge, since he did not have another MacBook on hand, WOW!

My experience with Roger Ortiz, at MIR Computer Networx has been a really TERRIFIC experience, from the beginning, so I Rick St. John would like to offer my highest recommendation for both Roger and his company MIR Computer Networx.

MIR Computer Networx

2/F G Square Arcade Bldg.
451 Barangka Drive cor Boni Ave.
Mandaluyong City, Manila Philippines

  • Telephone: 2 1 1 1 3 0 6   or   4 0 8 0 4 1 1
  • Store Hours: 9:30am to 7:00pm Monday thru Saturday
  • Email Address:
  • Website:
  • Cell Phone: 0 9 1 7 8 5 5 8 9 2 1 &  0 9 2 3 3 1 8 7 0 7 1


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