YES FM 911 Boracay Radio Station Interview with Ricky Lee Saint John

On Saturday September 21, of 2013 at around 10:00am ​I met with Alan Palma the station manager of YES FM 91.1 Boracay Radio Station located just off the main road in Boracay Station 2. I introduced myself to Alan and told him that my purpose for coming to visit him was to share a Boracay song that I had written and recorded called "Boracay Go", and that I would like to ask if they would be willing to play my song on their YES FM 911 Radio Station on Boracay Island of the Philippines.

Alan asked to hear the song that I had wrote about Boracay, so I shared it with him, and he really liked it, and thought the song would be perfect for his weekly radio show called "Boracay Good News – One Heart – One Goal – One Island" and asked if he could play this Boracay Go song during the pilot episode this Saturday, well I said yes, and was just so grateful for their nice support.

The song Boracay Go was written and recorded by an American by the name of Ricky Lee Saint John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency, who currently lives in Pasig City, Manila Philippines with his Filipina wife and two Filipino children. Lets show our support for Boracay tourism and support this fantastic and fun song called Boracay Go! 

Below is an audio recording of the entire interview conducted by Alan Palma, featuring Ricky Lee Saint John.

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