Boracay Song

You probably already know that Boracay Island is the most famous tourist destination here in the Philippines, but did you also know that many songs have been written about Boracay? Currently we are aware of a total of thirteen (13) Boracay Songs, all written and performed by various artist from not only the Philippines but also from the United States.

People love to write about Boracay for several reasons, this may be due to the many wonderful features about the island, for example here on Boracay you can experience beautiful long white beaches, girls in bikinis, beautiful sunsets and a really exciting nightlife that serves up some excellent local and international beers that are served ice cold.

Each Boracay Song listed on our Official Website provides a Youtube video as-well-as the song lyrics, so visit today and you will see the latest song called Boracay Go!

Listen To Your Favorite Boracay Song Here!

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