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On September 7, 2013 Rick St. John, Mary Jane Bangga and Relly Magundayao all entered the CB Recording Studio in Quezon City to record the song Boracay Go, which was written by Rick. The song Boracay Go was written with the intent to help and continue to promote tourism on Boracay Island, located in the South China Sea of the western Visayas region of the Philippines.

How Did the Song Boracay Go Come About?

As one of the owners of WOW Philippines Travel Agency we are always looking for new and creative ways to promote some of the popular tourist destinations like Boracay, a few years ago we where the first travel agency in the Philippines to give away free Boracay packages, as a way of generating interest in this wonderful island paradise.

Who Wrote the Song Boracay Go, and How Long Did it Take? 

Rick St. John at CB Recording Studio Recording Boracay Go

Rick St. John (wrote the lyrics and music to Boracay Go)

I am the one who wrote both the lyrics and music for the song, I have been writing and singing my songs for many years, but until now never really had the urge or desire to record any of the songs that I have written. Writing the song Boracay Go, it did not take all that long, most of it was written in about 15 or 20 minutes, but then I just laid it down for a week or so, then later picked it up again and started to touch up the lyrics with small adds and deletes, actually I wrote the song back in 2012.

What is Your Hope for Boracay Go?

Well of course I want the song to be popular, I mean it's really a win, win for everyone, the song is designed to promote the island of Boracay and everything it has to offer, so if we can make Boracay Go a popular song, then the real benefactors are the people living and working on Boracay Island, because the popularity of the song will also increase interest in the island which increases tourism, and that just means more money being spent on the island, so of course my hope is that the song Boracay Go becomes really popular.

Where Can I Buy the Song Boracay Go? 

Well as of today, it is still being mastered in the studio, however the plan is to have the song released by September 20th of 2013 and for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and on other digital download websites as-well. Our hope is that we can have physical music CD's in many local music stores very soon, maybe by October 1st of 2013.


Amazon MP3


So You Obviously Love Boracay Right?

Well yes I do love Boracay, but I also really love the Philippines in general very much, both the country and people are so fantastic, especially the people. I have never met a more kind and caring people in all my travels as the Filipino, even when the Filipino is having a bad day, they are still smiling. I wish the people of entire world were as kind as the Filipino's are, now that would be really great. My wife Mary Jane Bangga is a Filipina from Aklan province as-well, so I have that connection also and it helps to be married to such a loving and kind person, so writing the song Boracay Go was fairly easy I guess.

Boracay Island Philippines

Who Is Providing the Backup Vocals for Your Boracay Song?

Well the nice vocals you hear are provided by my lovely wife Mary Jane Bangga-St. John, the general manager of our travel agency, Relly Magundayao and my wife's brother JR Bangga, but everyone knows that Filipinos can sing, I mean they grow up with music all around them, again it's just a testament to the wonderful Filipinos who are just so talented.

Jane & Relly Providing Backup VocalsRelly Magundayao & Jane Bangga-St. John Providing Backup Vocals

Learn More at the Official Website Boracay Go

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