Nakabuang Beach Philippines

The province of Batanes is made up of many scenic isles that offer their own tourist attractions. For instance, Sabtang Island has been a frequent destination for tourists who visit the northernmost parts of the Philippines because it offer excellent examples of traditional architecture. Sabtang also offers a variety of other attractions that entice visitors such as traditional villages, natural sanctuaries, and historic churches. 

This major island in Batanes is also home to one of the most photographed beaches in the Philippines. The unique beauty and allure of the Nakabuang Beach has been featured in numerous stories and articles in both printed media and online. Allow me to take you on a journey that explores the reasons why one should visit this fascinating beach in Sabtang Island.
Breathtaking Rock Formations:  
The impressive rock formations in this beach set it apart from the hundreds of scenic beaches in the Philippines. The strong winds and powerful waves that constantly strike the rocks on this area produced these unique formations. The Nakabuang Arch is the most photographed feature on this beach and is commonly used as a frame for the images taken on this popular tourist spot. Tourist should always remember to bring a decent camera when they visit this beautiful beach.
Ideal location for Swimmers:
Nakabuang Beach is a suitable venue to enjoy the cool and soothing waters that surround the islands of Batanes. The shore features white and pinkish sand mixed with bits of corals and shells. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to take a dip or enjoy a picnic on the fine sand of this fantastic beach.
Excellent Venue for an Excellent Lunch:
A tour of the tourist attractions in Sabtang Island usually includes a sumptuous lunch at this beautiful beach. The scenic views and magnificent natural rock formations of this location make it an ideal venue for a delicious meal. Tourists will also enjoy the  nourishing and delectable dishes that are served, which usually include yellow rice, coconut juice, lobsters, coconut crabs, milk fish, and other local delicacies.
Other Sabtang Island Attractions:
Visitors who visit the Nakabuang Beach will also be able to enjoy the other popular tourist destinations in Sabtang Island. The most popular attractions in this location include the centuries-old stone houses in Savidug and Chavayan, the Chamantad Sanctuary,  the Sabtang Church, the sunset at Duvek Bay, and the cobblestone streets of Sumnanga.
To reach this famous beach, one must first travel to the province of Batanes. One can travel by air via SEAIR or Asian Spirit flights from Manila to Basco. Once you reach Basco town, the capital of Batanes, you need to go on a 15 to 20-minute ride to reach the port of the southern town of Ivana. One can then take the boats from this port to reach Sabtang island. Tourists can then hire local transportation to reach the Nakabuang Beach and the other popular spots in the island.
How To Get There:
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