Hinagdanan Cave Bohol

Bohol tours are fun, but mostly noted for the famed Bohol Chocolate Hills, it's white sand beaches, super scuba diving sites and of course the Bohol Tarsier, one of the worlds smallest primatess. However there is much more to this beautiful island of Bohol, like for instance it's many interesting caves, some historic ones like the Dagohoy  Cave, or the most popular cave know by locals is the Hinagdanan Cave located in Dauis.

The entrance to the Hinagdanan Cave is quite narrow at only about 3 feet wide, and the stairs leading down inside are also very steep, so be cautious and it is advised that only one person at a time can enter the cave. Be sure to use the metal hand rail to help steady yourself, since the stairs can be slippery from the moister, it's a good idea to use the hand rail.
As you enter the Hinagdanan Cave take a moment to accustom your eyes to the darkness, again the floor of the cave is slippery so you need to look closely to where you are walking. There is a small amount of light that comes form the light by the stairs and there are also two holes above that let light in through the ground, this area gives a streak of light downward, so if you want to take some really cool photos of friends or family, have them stand under the light while you take the picture.
There's A Pond Inside
Once inside the Hinagdanan Cave you will see that the large underground cavern has a pond, taking on a dark green color, yet it looks really cool. The pond is still used today by local kids looking for a cool place to swim, even tourist are welcome to dip there feet if they like, but swimming for foreign tourist is not recommended, since the water suffers from polution coming from above ground you could get sick.
The pond is very shallow in most places, however the deepest part at any point in the pond is only about 10 feet deep.
There Are No Bats
As you take some time to explore around the cave you will see some very interesting stalactites hanging from the ceiling and some stalagmites protruding from the ground. You can hear what you may think are bats squeaking above, but what you are hearing are small birds called Swallows, they are flying in and out of the Hinagdanan Cave all day long.
Bohol Pictures
This is a really fun and exciting Bohol attraction, and we highly recommend that if you are in Bohol for a vacation then take the time to visit the Hinagdanan Cave, get some really great pictures for your scrap book, you'll be glad you did.
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Enjoy Your Bohol Adventure!
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