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Manila is located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, and is a fascinating and fun city, expect to see and experience a very diverse culture. Manila has many fascinating and historical places to visit and experience, and the best way to see the city and everything it has to offer is through a professionally guided tour.

Our most popular the, Manila Old and New Tour, a tour that incorporates many of the old historical Manila places as-well-as a few new areas that have become very popular sightseeing attractions. 
Manila Sightseeing Attractions:
  • Nielsen's Tower – See the very first Manila International Airport, used from 1937 until 1947, this two storey builing is where Manila first heard about the US being attacked at Pearl Harbour in the United States.
  • American Cemetery and Memorial – Here you can see one of the largest US Cemeteries outside of the United States of America. The memorial is dedicated to the many soliers who had fought and died during World War II.
  • Intramuros "Walled City" – Walk through the cobblestone streets to the historical Rizal Park, visit one of the oldest stone churches, San Agustin Church, where daily mass is still held, and see Fort Santiago, where Dr. Jose Rizal a national hero of the Philippines was imprisioned and executed.
  • San Agustin Church – A very large and beautiful Catholic Church located in Intramuros City Manila, the inside of this church is very grand, with ornate artwork throughout the church, and inlcudes large and very extensive museum containing many historical artifacts from centuries ago.
  • Casa Manila – Located in the historical city of Intramuros, Casa Manila was once a home belonging to a wealthy Filipino family until its destruction during the war, today Casa Manila has been fully restored and is a beautiful museum filled with historical antiques from it's dated time.
  • Lunet Park – It's here at Luneta Park that the Philippines National Here, Jose Rizal was executed by Filipino soldiers acting on the orders of the occupying Spanish soldiers. Today at the exact location where Jose Rizal was executed is a shrine depicting his brutal execution, this is a must see for all tourist.
  • Manila Cathedral – Located in Intramuros, the Manila Cathedral is one of the first churches built in Manila City. The first two where destroyed, one by fire and the other by the war, today fully restored the Manila Cathedral is a wonderful piece of Manila City's history.
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