Mag-aso Falls Bohol Tour

Bohol is a beautiful island in the Philippines that is surrounded by the Bohol Sea, Camotes Sea and the Cebu Strait. It's here on Bohol Island that you can experience a diverse range Bohol attractions and activities, one being the Mag-aso Falls in Antequera, Bohol Philippines.

One of Bohol's many famous places to visit is the Mag-aso Falls a really beautiful Bohol tour attraction, here you can view 25 foot tall raging twin waterfalls, with a dense forest as the backdrop, making Mag-aso falls the perfect place to take your Bohol family picture.
197 Steps Down to Paradise, Then Up Again!
The Mag-aso Falls of Bohol are located in a very dense jungle setting, once you arrive at the falls, you only hear the sound created by the waterfalls, birds, and sometimes monkey's. There are 197 steps that lead one down to the Mag-aso Falls where you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the falls, but you can also swim here, so bring a bathing suit.
Mag-aso falls got its name from “aso” which in the local Bohol dialect means “smoke”, and once here you quickly realize this is the perfect name, if you arrive early in the morning as we did you will see the steam rise from the water, making it appear to be smoke, and hence the name.
Bohol Day Tours!
Look if you are planning a trip to Bohol, then I would highly suggest taking a Bohol day trip and visit the beautiful Mag-aso Fallls, you will not be dissapointed, that I can promise you. If you opt for a local Bohol tour the falls are generally not included, this is simply due to the location of the falls, since they are 30 minutes minimum by car leaving from Tagbilaran City. 
If you book your Bohol Tour with WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we will include everything you need, hotel accommodations, Bohol city and country tour, land and sea transportation and your airline tickets if you need.
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