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Do you love scuba diving? Have you been diving in the Philippines? If not we would like to tell you about a great diving spot near Busuanga Island, with 14 World War II Ship Wrecks in one spot.

There is no question that the Philippine Islands offers some pretty incredible diving spots, regardless of where you decide to take your diving adventure. However there is one dive location in the Busuanga Islands that's pretty awesome for experienced scuba divers looking for some real adventure and a bit of a challenge.
The dive location is known amongst locals as the D' Pearl Bay Busuanga, and exclusive Philippines dive destination that has an incredible number of World War II Ship Wrecks scattered along the ocean floor. This is an absolutely world class diving spot and it's located right here in the Philippines Archipelago.
Ship Wreck Diving in the Philippines
The fourteen (14) ship wrecks are all divable, with depths that range anywhere from just 5 to 40 meters, with many of these vessels being anywhere from 100 to 200 meters in total length. One of the top dive attractions here is the ship, “Maru” located at the Busuanga Bay entrance, then just 5 minutes away by boat there is another, the Japanese warship “Akitsushima” which is a really awesome ship to dive and explore, then there is the large Japanese supply fleet, which was destroyed and sunk in 1944, you just cannot find a more adventurous place for diving in the Philippines.
Philippines Diving Safaris
Have you heard about “APO Reef”? Well it's just another extremely place to go diving when your in the Philippines, and you should not miss this great diving adventure. The Apo Reef is a group of coral reefs that over 34 square kilometers beneath the oceans that surround Occidental Mindoro, and just happens to be the second (2nd) largest coral reef in the world that is connected, and the largest coral reef system in the Philippines.
Apo Reef is a protected area and is located within the “Apo Reef Natural Park”. It is important that if you are going to dive at Apo Reef that you work closely with qualified and licensed divers from the Philippines, and we recommend Gunter Bernerdt of D' Divers who has lived and worked as a Philippines diving instructor and qualified dive safari tour guide for the past 25 years.
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