About Boracay Island

Boracay is a little exotic isle situated in the western Visayas area of the Philippines. Boracay Island is actually the perfect place for visitor seeking beautiful white beaches surrounded by clean clear ocean waters, that are just as blue as the sky above.

For many it all started in the very early 1980's when a couple of immigrants that had actually been checking out the islnd regularly and at some point seemed to believe there was something actually unique pertaining to this Boracay Island, in particular the soft white sandy beach and the clear turquoise water that bordered the shores of this tropical paradise island. Throughout the 1990's Boracay seen a little bit of development of both resorts and restaurants being built along the main white beach area located on the islands west side. 
From it's simple beginings till today, Boracay Island in one of the most looked for trip locations for visitors from all over the globe. Today, there are greater than 900,000 taped site visitors pertaining to Boracay throughout the year. Boracay has actually developed from a very distant lonely island in to an extremely industrial body event catering to individuals from all strolls of life, the youthfull celebration goers, water recreations lovers, scuba divers and for the resigned aiming to appreciate a slower much more unwinded lifestyle.
When you have actually been to Boracay and have actually experienced strolling along the soft white sandy beach, and swimming in the clear turquoise waters, you come to be addictied to this tropical island paradise and will definitely wish to go to Boracay even more frequently.

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